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Feb 2 16 9:55 PM

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Hi everyone!

Here are some tips for you guys which you can use with your Buccaneer! And today's topic is PLA filament breakages.

PLA filament breakage is an issue that occurs from time to time on all 3D printers. PLA breakage usually occurs when it is brittle. Here are some pointers to teach you more about PLA filament and how to minimize filament breakage. 

PLA filament is UV sensitive. So once you expose it to light, it begins to harden and becomes brittle. PLA also absorbs moisture, so if you are living in a humid country you may experience some issues.  

Below are some tips for you. 
1.     The best way is of course to keep printing and use up the spool before it has a chance to get brittle.     
2.     Store your filaments in a dark place before and after opening it up. Most people just leave their filament in a cardboard box and it is good enough.       
3.     After a print if you are not going to make another print in half and hour or so, eject the filament and keep it in an air tight container with silicon gel (if you have any) and put it in a dark place.    
4.     Generally after opening you should strive to finish up your filament spool in a week. Although you can use it for months but your chances of experiencing filament breakage will be higher.  

We hope the above tips will help you with managing filament breakage.  

*Filaments sold on our store after January 1st 2016 are now PLA PLUS which are stronger and more resistant to breakage.  

Have fun printing!!! :)

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Oct 25 16 11:30 PM

Also I suggest to stay away from the cheap bargain offers. This is often inferior quality or old stock.
For small builds and testprints you might want to take the risk, but for big builds I prefer the High Quality. Better safe than sorry.

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